Agricultural Accessories and Equipment
in Palazzo San Gervasio

Seminatrici Paradiso is equipped with a workshop to provide professional  seed drill construction and repair services in Palazzo San Gervasio. Apart from construction of drills, the company also provides repair and after-sales services, to ensure there is no disruption in work for farmers, due to equipment failure.

Precision Air Seed Drilling

The company specializes in the construction of precision air seed drills. Agricultural technology has developed machines that allow sowing even in difficult conditions, at a high speed of work. The machines designed by us allow to obtain high quality results through accuracy of planting and correct development of the plant.


Seed drills manufactured by us allow performing the "seeding" technique - direct seeding that reduces time & costs and mitigate the disruptive actions on the ground caused by plowing. This process is a viable alternative for farmers who wish to switch to agriculture for seeding of primary cultures and ensuring minimum tillage for planting in the second harvest of summer crops.

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