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Seeding in Palazzo San Gervasio

Since 1924, Seed Paradise has been operating in San Gervasio, in the province of Potenza, providing mechanical seed drills of various sizes. The company manufactures and repairs farm machinery, offering quality solutions through selected dealers aimed at improving the  process of planting.


The seed drill is a machine that is used for seeding i.e. commissioning dwelling of the seed in the soil carefully prepared earlier. The first seed drill machine was built by Jethro Tull and dates back to 1701. While remaining unchanged in the general principles of use, over the centuries, the technology applied to these tools has allowed us to have access to increasingly advanced and practical machines. The tool, through coupling to the tractor, allows jointly carrying out the sowing furrow, the deposition of the seeds, the closing of the furrow and the partial compaction of the earth around the seed. These machines are also equipped with reservoirs and additional distribution system of fertilizers and pesticides in granular and liquid form.


Seminatrici Paradiso offers comprehensive services in the construction and servicing of seeding machines. In addition to building these machines, the company also has a workshop for repair of seed drills, as well as other types of agricultural machinery.

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